Study hacks to help you do better in exams

Studying can be fun

Almost everybody has had this happen: you are ready, and well-prepared, and when that paper lands in front of you, it’s like your mind goes on strike. Totally blank. Like you’ve never actually seen this work, leave alone mastered it. So what can you do? Crying doesn’t help, that’s been tried before.

Finding ways to unlock your recall

There are secrets to ensure that your recall is immediate, and it hides in the preparation. One is, to teach what you’ve learnt. Find someone with patience and make a lesson of your study content. Make them understand, and you’ll remember easily because rather than just learning, you have now mastered the content.

Create associations and connections. Also called mind mapping, this technique basically requires you to map the connection between learned concepts to form a visual connection for you to recall, rather than the facts of the subject matter. Experts agree that mind mapping is the one way to learn for lifelong retention

Visualize what you need to know: easier than remembering

Exams are not only a test of whether we’ve mastered or memorized our work. Sadly, it’s really more about “Do you know how to Exam?” and that’s not in the curriculum. Take some time, consider speaking to us at Course Work Club, and get performing to your potential. You’ve got this.

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