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It is always important to ask your tutoring agency for a quote and not just assume the rates based on a friend, as there are various personal tutor rates depending on what subject you need tutoring in.

Math tutor fees also tend to be more than English as math is generally a more complex subject. Pricing is based on whether or not your lessons will be online, as online tutoring costs will be priced differently than those of contact lessons. There’s a lot to take into consideration when asking for a quote.

We’re a big tutoring agency offering many different services, and urge our customers to please ask for quotes for all possible tutoring services from us that could apply to you. Another reason we ask our customers to ask for quotes is so that we can be as transparent as possible about the pricing.

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    When choosing your tutoring agency, it really shouldn’t be a difficult choice. Especially when looking at our online English tutor rates, amongst all the other rates that are exceptionally good! We provide you with qualified tutors who are both skilled and qualified, various subjects to be tutored in and the option to be tutored online, and all of this at very reasonable prices.